Past Business Relationships and Clients

  • Link Industrial Services,Inc

    Chimay Industrial Link, Inc. (California)
    A US company that provides services in the electronic, utility, and sanity services for individuals and companies all over the United States.


    VR Studios, Inc. (Washington)
    A cutting edge virtual reality company that provides wireless, full-motion, multi-participant, and immersive virtual reality experience for commercial grade services and gaming for companies like Dave & Busters. It was founded by former IBM Regional Marketing and Consulting manager, philanthropist, and author Charles Herrick.


    FoxConn (Taiwan)
    World's largest multinational manufacturer of electronic devices, third largest information technology company, and investor of of multiple companies internationally. For example, FoxConn manufactures all of Apple's iPhones in China; purchased Sharp Electronics in Japan for $806,000,000; invested in part $11,000,000 in FOVE, a Japanese virtual reality company; and intended to open factories in Pennsylvania and India.

  • 1more

    1more Inc. (China)
    International company that produces headphones for Xiaomi. The headphones are patented in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Xiaomi is a privately owned electronics company in China that develops smartphones and other consumer electronics globally.

  • odeo Cold

    Rodeo Cold (Arizona)
    A classic American lager that is brewed in Arizona and available for all Americans, whether you're a cowboy or any other worker. It was founded and developed in part by actor Jackie Resch.

  • WhiteStone Investment Network

    WhiteStone Investment Network (Oregon)
    An American investment company in Oregon that identifies and improves small and mid-cap companies. It is led by accomplished individuals with extensive experience in financial services, commerce, capital formation of businesses, brokerage, corporate finance, global markets, marketing, and sales.