Creative Solutions For Conducting International Transactions

When an individual or an organization engages in international commerce, it gives itself the ability to capitalize on new business opportunities. It also opens itself up to incredible levels of risk. There are monetary concerns — a foreign investment's value can fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably as a result of volatile changes in currency rates. Likewise, there are political risks. Governments often impose restrictions that prevent their citizens from investing overseas. Similarly, most countries impose taxes and quotas on foreign investors as a means of protecting domestic enterprises. At times, it can seem that the costs of international commerce are not worth the effort.

An experienced lawyer is instrumental to conducting international transactions smoothly. To this end, Shang Law Firm, A.P.C., can help. Based in Los Angeles, and serving throughout California, we are adept at helping overseas clients trade with American enterprises. Our principal attorney, Vincent Shang, works with foreign governments and multinational businesses, and has helped his clients facilitate multimillion-dollar transactions while avoiding regulatory hurdles and pitfalls.

Experienced Guidance When Trading With Overseas Firms

Whether forming, purchasing or partnering with an overseas entity, our firm has the resources and knowledge to help. The matters we assist with include:

  • Manufacturing agreements — Facilitating contracts between companies and overseas manufacturers to ensure products are produced in a timely, cost-effective and high-quality manner
  • Capital procurement — Assisting individuals and businesses work through any government restrictions that may prevent them from accessing their capital and working with international entities
  • Third-party transactions — Helping entities conduct international business transactions with multiple businesses based in multiple countries, which enable firms to trade as they see fit in the global market

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