Helping Foreign Nationals Invest In U.S. Entities

The U.S. government maintains that it has a "general policy of openness to foreign investment." Nevertheless, a number of restrictions and logistical hurdles prevent overseas individuals and businesses from putting their money into American entities. There are strict regulations concerning investment in a number of sectors, including transportation, communications, energy, finance and real estate.

Moreover, currency fluctuations and other considerations often hamper foreigners' abilities to conduct overseas transactions securely — simply put, without an experienced lawyer to serve as a guide, foreign investors assume a considerable amount of risk.

Experienced Investment Advice

Based in Los Angeles, attorney Vincent Shang has helped numerous foreign-based individuals and companies smoothly and safely invest their money in U.S. entities. He has facilitated such transactions for individuals, businesses, multinational corporations and multimillion-dollar companies helping them conduct business activities as they — and not government regulators — see fit. Vincent knows the nuances of international investment law and works hard to help his clients surmount the obstacles that so often stand in the way of foreign investment.

Helping U.S. Citizens Invest Their Money Overseas

Likewise, Vincent is adept at helping Americans invest in foreign entities. As overseas economies develop and thrive, such opportunities can prove especially lucrative to U.S. residents. He assists clients with international investments needs, including:

  • Capital procurement
  • Investment and transaction assistance
  • Manufacturing agreements for production of goods internationally

Vincent maintains close contacts with legal and business professionals throughout Asia and Europe. He leverages his familiarity with these regions to help his clients make sound, secure investments and avoid procedural red tape imposed by foreign governments.

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Contact Shang Law Firm, A.P.C., to schedule a consultation and see how Vincent can help you with overseas investment. He can be reached in California at 213-516-7028, or you can arrange an appointment online.