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Shang Law Firm, A.P.C., opened its doors in 2008 with the intention of helping our clients achieve their business goals. We have stayed true to this mission ever since.

Our principal attorney, Vincent Shang, works closely with the individuals and organizations he represents. By developing lasting relationships with his clients, he can better understand what they hope to achieve — and better serve them.

A Lawyer Experienced In Domestic And International Business Law

Based in Los Angeles, we assist clients throughout California and overseas. Domestically, our aim is to act as a resource for businesses during every stage of their development. We handle all manner of business formations and transactions, and offer experienced legal counsel when our clients are required to conduct matters in court.

At the international level, we offer guidance to entities that participate in the global economy. Our firm has cultivated business relationships throughout Europe and Asia, and leverages them to help our clients invest capital and conduct transactions without being hampered by unforeseen rules or regulations. We work with individuals, businesses, multinational corporations and government entities, and tailor our services and fees to each client's unique needs.

A Legacy Of Service In Southern California

In addition to his commercial law practice, Vincent Shang is committed to serving his community. Through Orange County's Public Law Center, Vincent has served as a pro bono attorney, providing legal counsel free of charge to individuals and communities in need. To learn more about Vincent and his personal and professional background, please follow the link below:

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