Helping Clients Operate In The International Marketplace

Today's economy is global, and growth will only continue in this direction. This means that investment opportunities are no longer limited by national boundaries. But without knowledgeable guidance, many who seek to participate in the international marketplace are caught in the web of restrictions that hinder overseas commerce.

A Lawyer Who Will Help You Break Through Regulatory Red Tape

Shang Law Firm, A.P.C., has the knowledge you need. Based in Los Angeles and serving clients throughout California, we help individuals, businesses, corporations and government entities carry out transactions domestically and internationally.

We are a comprehensive business law firm, with a range of offerings to help our clients meet their goals. For domestic individuals and entities, we assist in a wide range of considerations including:

Likewise, we facilitate a number of matters for international clientele. Our principal attorney, Vincent Shang, maintains business, government and legal connections throughout Europe and Asia. He helps his clients work through the laws that commonly restrict overseas commerce. He has brokered multimillion-dollar deals for a number of corporate entities, and strives on his clients' behalf to ensure they can conduct business as they see fit.